The American Sewing Guild - Sacramento Chapter met the challenge to make 200 pillowcases with drawstrings by December 1!!!
Pillow Case Samples Above is a sampling of the over 200 pillowcases that have been turned into Gail.

Novelty Pillowcase with Drawstring -- pdf Version

Novelty Pillowcase with Drawstring -- docx Version

CASA pillowcase project Update (11/14/2014)

78 pillowcases have been turned in to Gail.

Gail will be picking up an additional 70 pillowcases on Monday from Cheree Schiele. She's been working with a non-member friend that committed to making 100 pillowcases for the project. With Cheree's and some of her sewing buddies help, these 70 pillowcases will get us closer to our commitment of donating 200 pillowcases by the first week of December.

The Auburn, Quilting, and Rocklin evening Neighborhood Groups will be making pillowcases at their November meetings. I've also heard from many ASG members who will be delivering pillowcases when they attend their group meetings.

Over 130 kits have been cut and distributed with the hope that having the fabric precut makes it easier for one to make at least one pillowcase for the project.

Gail needs to have the pillowcases by November 30th. Please contact her when you have completed your pillowcase(s). You can also mail the completed pillowcase to her. The request for 200 is to be distributed at the CASA holiday party that is scheduled for December 5th.

If you are unable to complete your pillowcase by the deadline, please complete it and let Gail know when it's done. There is an ongoing need, CASA will use them regardless of when we donate them.

Thanks to everyone for embracing this project.

The Chapter recently received a request to donate 200 Pillowcases to CASA.

The acronym stands for Court Appointed Special Advocated. The organization was founded in 1991. CASA is a nonprofit organization of trained community volunteers, designated by a judge as officers of the court. The volunteers provide “the voice for children in juvenile court”. CASA helps to humanize the child welfare and legal systems for children. They provide warmth and protection as children go through this very frightening legal process. They also provide funds for their clients to participate in summer camps, field trips, after-school sports, senior prom support, music lessons, and school pictures. Every cent donated to their “Making Memories” program goes directly to the children. 

They are looking for a donation of 200 pillowcases with drawstrings. The drawstring is a requirement because the pillowcases are sometimes used to carry the children’s belongings as they change foster homes. The pillowcase plus a pillow donated by Sleep Train will be given to the children during their December holiday party.  

75% of their clients are 13 to 18 years old with 25% under 13. The original request was for girls but they have just as many boys in the system as girls. If you would like to use boy’s fabric for your pillowcases they will use them. The minimum number to accommodate the number of holiday party is 200 but they will take any extras that we make and use them throughout the year as new children enter the foster care system and their program.

After talking to Julie Morton, Community Service Coordinator and Roberta Hopkins, Wellspring Coordinator and next year’s Community Relations Liaison, plus getting buy-in from the board, it has been decided that the Sacramento Chapter of the American Sewing Guild should and can help CASA provide the pillowcases as gifts to the children in their program. But we can’t do it without your help.

There are currently 346 members in the Chapter. If we all made one pillowcase with a drawstring, we would far exceed their request. I know it is short notice but we have 45 days to get our pillowcases made. On an average, it takes less than 30 minutes to make a pillowcase. Please consider making at least one pillowcase for this worthwhile organization.

Most of us will attend at least 1 Neighborhood Group meeting during the next 45 days. It would be appreciated it if the Neighborhood Group leaders would embrace this request and promote the challenge at their upcoming November meetings and act as a collection point for pillowcases that our members have completed.

Roberta will be at the registration table at the Annual meeting with Patterns, some kits, and samples if you would like to see what the pillowcase looks like.  

We also have a Sit and Sew scheduled for November 1st. Kits and instructions will be available for any of the Sit and Sew attendees to use to make a pillowcase.

The deadline to get all of the Pillowcases to CASA is December 1. The deadline to get the pillowcases to Gail Reinke is November 30th.

The pattern is the 3 fabric Novelty Pillowcase that most of us have made. The Accent strip has two buttonholes added to it plus the Accent strip is sewn down to form the casing.

Please contact Gail Reinke if you have any questions.

This should be a fun and worthwhile Chapter wide Challenge. Plus these children really could use our help.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Chapter and the Community