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Publication: 6 issues per year


Printed copies of the newsletter are mailed to Sacramento Chapter members who have chosen that distribution method, as well as to Region 5 Representatives, Retailers, Advertisers and the National ASG office in Houston. Sacramento Chapter members should contact the Newsletter Editor if they choose mailed copies instead of electronic distribution. Sacramento Chapter members may elect to receive Thread Line issues via e-mail alerts that include a link to the National ASG website ( The National website's "Members Only" section contains a current .pdf image of Thread Line, along with newsletters from many other Chapters in the nation. Adobe InDesignCS3 and Adobe Photoshop are used for preparation of Thread Line.

Deadlines for Advertising and Submissions:

January 1 for Feb/Mar issue
March 1 for Apr/May issue
May 1 for Jun/Jul issue
June 1 for Aug/Sep issue
September 1 for Oct/Nov issue
November 1 for Dec/Jan issue
dec 18 jan 19


(Must be sewing-related)
Member Classified Ads: 5 lines - Free
Non-Member Classified: 5 lines - $8
Retail Ads: (additional 10% discount to ASG members)

Ad Size
One issue
6 issues (YR)
Business Card
$ 81
Quarter Page
Half Page
Full Page
Insert Page
$80 + costs

Submitting articles, photos:

Submissions in text-only format are welcomed within an e-mail or by e-mail attachment.
Photos of sewing activites should be digital, JPEG format, clear when turned into grayscale @300 dpi, 3.25 inches wide.
Advertisement format and limited design may be arranged with the editor.
Color digital photos may be used on this website.

Information: Contact Newsletter Editor at